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The block "E", as the initial letter in Enosis, represents a central characteristic of Enosis Group's operations perspective--that of unification.

Simplified, this perspective is the unification of our client's enterprise with their customers (internal or external). More complexly, we seek through this unification perspective to find, define and advance shared value--for all constituencies.

enosis (en'-o-sis, en-o'-sis) -- 1) Unite; 2) Short-circuit

Unite--our client and it's constituencies (customers to employees and stakeholders) ; an enterprise and technology. Without the political overtones of the Greek Cypriot movement's use of the word, but with some of the same zeal.

Short-circuit--around and through hurdles and hinderances to results.

The block "E" is also a symbol for a specific kind of unification. This is the unifed approach that Enosis Group applies to our client's project.

thinking pad Business -- with a reference to the Elite typeface of the business letters of the past, this component symbolizes our awareness of the business objectives of maximizing asset utility, of gaining short-term results that are self-sustainable, of imparting momentum to the organization, of communication and of a systems approach.

thinking pad Design -- with a reference to the artists brush stroke, this component symbolizes the central role of design in the effective implementation of our efforts. Design at all levels--the definition of a service offering, the architecture of a product, the planning of a network, of interaction design for a product, and, yes, even industrial and graphic design.

thinking pad Technology -- with a reference to the chunky look of bit-mapped type, this component symbolizes the breadth of our technical expertise: WWW, Internets, Intranets, Programming, Databases, Multimedia, and even traditional printing. Our depth in these reaches from application and implementation, but also to the science, standards, and protocols on which they stand.

Also, of the concepts for our logo this was the most appealing--it looked neat and it 'worked'. So we're keeping it :-).

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